Designer & Photographer
Brief info

Before the world of professional photography opened for him, Naren was an art director, working in agencies across the Middle East for more than a decade. Being behind the camera was always a dream. When he crossed the world to settle in New Zealand, an opportunity to came to make this dream come true. And, he grabbed it with both arms.

Capturing the best of people’s expressions in a natural way and with a fashion forward influence are very important features of Jessica’s style. For his corporate clients he brings on board an innate understanding of brand and storytelling. Over the years, Naren has photographed more than 400 weddings, several corporate events and brand projects.

While his heart lies in photography, Naren is equally passionate about design. He pursues this passion via Creative Eye’s design studio and extends this service into commercial printing – being very experienced in this field.

It’s hard to not find Naren behind the lens or working on his next fabulous design, though in his spare time he enjoys xxx <please add some hobbies>.